The title of the study is the role of auditing in improving the financial accountability in Nigerian civil services (with reference in Enugu South) 43 respondents were chosen from all the chosen department in Enugu south local government area. Questionnaires were the instrument of data collection. There hundred questionnaires were distributes to the respondents at the end 200 questionnaire were retrieved. The data collected were analyzed by using chi-square method. The finding are as follows

  1. Lack of proper periodic check of accounting in the civil services system
  2. The inability of accounting staffs to have good records in all their transactions
  • The limit power of internal auditor’s
  1. The servants fail to work with principle of integrity fairness and transparency.

Based on the information of the findings, the research made the following recommendations

  1. The need of having good accountability of public fund and periodic check of accounting in the civil services system
  2. The need of having good, an effective records in all transaction made in the various organization
  • To have an effective control to all the internal and external resources
  1. There must be need for all the civil servants to work with the principle of integrity, fairness and transparency.



Most people at one time of the other would have heard of an audit and would also general idea of what it is, the term audit is derived from the Latin verb audire which means to hear. The origin of an audit can be traced to the ancient times in Britain when landowners allowed tenant farmers to farm on their land. The landowner did not involve themselves in the cultivation of the land or in the supervision of the tenant farmer. Cultivation of the land was done by these, tenant farmers, while the supervision of the tenant farmers was done by overseas appointed by the landowner. The overseers listed to the accounts of the tenant farmers and the final accounts of the tenant farmers and the final accounts were made by these overseers to the land owners. Nowadays, various social clubs, students union bodies, charitable organization, provides in their constitution the election of union officials who collect and disburse the organizations money, such constitutions, invariable make provision for audit of the accounts of the organization. Most large business organizations owned by shareholders are managed by board of directors appointed by the shareholders.

The government of any country has various resources, or the political units within it belong to the citizen of that country. In Nigeria in particular, all the revenue accruing to Nigeria as a country belongs to all Nigerians. But all Nigerians cannot come together to manage the funds, it is the duty of executive aim of the government heated by the president, acting together to manage the funds, it is the duty of funds due and accruing to the country, and disburses them as provided for the law. It is expected that the shareholders who appointed directors to manager their business will be concerned with what happened to their business. The process whereby the managers of a business accounts or report to the owners of the business is called stewardship accounting. Therefore, the report is usually done by the means of financial statements.

Now, the shareholders, been the owner of any company or business ventures, have has every right to cross – examine the financial report given to them, if the need arises; at this jointure, the following questions may arise from the shareholders.

  • The financial report fail to disclose relevant information
  • Refer to pint out certain errors
  • Fail to conform to the regulations
  • Fail to disclose the rate of fraud within the organization
  • Be deliberately misleading the organization

Therefore, in other to make a positive reply to the questions above, may lead to appoint an independent person, or a professional in a particular field of study called an auditor, for him to examine and investigate the report and express opinion on the findings. As the law has made it legal that business is a separate entity different from the owners. Saloman v Salomon & Co Ltd (1987). Due to this concept, the need for an audit cannot be discussed in detail, since the business owners look upon the auditors as the watch dog of their property. Also many financial statement must conform to the bodies, or other requirements. The most essential is that all company accounts have to conform to the carried out on financial statements ensures that they conform to these requirements.

However, audit and auditing plays a vital role towards the development of any organization, which must made all the staffs in finance department of any organization to produce a perfect and effective work, weather there is a supervisor or not. As companies, industries need development and growth in their day to day business, then governmental organization or unit of government need development and growth. Hence, the constitution of any country has a source of generating an income, there must be a good accountability of those incomes that come in the country; it is this ‘concept’ of growth and development of our society motivate the researcher to carry out this study that focus on the function of auditing in improving financial accountability in Nigerian Civil Services with reference to Enugu South Local Government Area of Enugu state. As this study move’s, the researcher must encountered some problems which shall help him to have an effective towards he functions of auditing.



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